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Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page. When I asked the shoe person why, they did not know, stating that New Balance was a good seller. I beg of you to continue to make road minimal shoes so I can continue to buy New Balance shoes.

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Those on this comment board calling for each and every person, business, corporation, organization and group to believe like them, think like them, VOTE like them, hold the same opinions, morals, and view points are crazy!!! But, that is the indoctrination of the progressive liberal socialists democrats. The president-elect and his minions are taking us down a very dark road, and you helped finance the trip.

I saw a report on your company NB on the History channel on 14 December It stated that you only make 25 percent of the shoes here in America.

My question is, why not support the American worker and make percent of the shoes here in the USA? In regards to people complaining about a connection to the Trump administration.

I am sending you a message stating that with just one third of the voters on the Trump Train we could easily purchase your stock of 4 million pairs assembled in the United States and still have two thirds of the voters left over.

Not to mention the silent majority that remain quietly on the sideline,good luck to your company in the new and improved United States of America. I am writing to say that after many years as a New Balance customer, I will no longer be purchasing your products.

The support by New Balances corporate leadership of Donald Trump is unacceptable to me. While New Balance may feel that Donald Trump may be suggesting trade policies that might benefit the company, he is also on record for so many other hateful and divisive policies. While you may like his trade policies you are also overlooking or agreeing with his racist, bigoted, white supremacist statements, not to mention his totally deplorable treatment of women.

Are these really the values New Balance supports as a company? Your implied support of these values are why I will no longer be a customer. I would suggest that your company renounce its support of Donald Trump and make a very larger, generous contribution to an organization like the American Civil Liberties Union.

Your corporate leadership seems to have lost sight of the fact that it takes a long time for a company to build a good reputation and very little time to destroy it. This is not a matter of differing political beliefs but one of moral and ethical values. New Balance is simply a company whose values and ethics I find unacceptable. All you people who are calling my Pres a racist and anti immigrant are idiots. Trump has never said anything bad about immigrants he has only expressed that some of the ILLEGAL immigrants who are coming across the border are rapists and killers.

All he wants to do is the same thing Jimmy Carter D did, Which is to temporarily stop immigration from countries that have terrorist ties or are known havens for terrorists. Illegal immigrants are here illegally, that makes them criminals already, and he only wants to deport the violent felons. I have been a customer of new balance for at least 25 years.

I became devoted to new balance when it was the only shoe that stop the pain of Plantar fasciitis that I was experiencing. On a scale of 1- 10 I rate the republicans a 2 because of the pure hate they have shown for Obama. I consider him a traitor to the USA for that comment.

The democrates lost me when me when they ran away from Obama in his first four years so they could get reelected , Cowards. Shame on you for supporting these people. I have been a loyal customer of New Balance for decades, but an now chagrined. You have lost a customer. It grieves me to say, but you have lost a lifelong customer. I have always worn New Balance shoes. I wore them for years when I jogged and ran races. I cannot condone or forgive your willingness to overlook Mr.

And I will urge others I know to do the same. I am grieved at the recent support hate filled rhetoric. Unless this is amended I will stop and be an advocate of boycotting your products. I had previously been a devoted customer for 15 years. Supporting the rhetoric of Trump excites white supremacist for reason.

You have ignored this reason. Please consider the message and ethics of your actions in the future. How you can not be embarrassed in public is confusing to those who have values higher than the worship of money. When I see them on sale I typically buy four pair at a time.

I will no longer be purchasing your product. Had I known you supported the candidacy of Donald Trump, I would have stopped much sooner. You have the right to support whomever you feel would be the best fit for the Presidency.

However, I have the right to do business with whom ever I please. Your supporting Trump indicates a lack of morality, compassion, reason, and plain common sense. You know, all the things which would truly….. Make America Great Again!

But, too many good men have died in the name of the values which are being assaulted by Donald Trump and his ilk!! Otherwise I will have to conclude that New Balance wants to use its corporate image and power to support racism in the U.

Please tell me, and the rest of America, that this is not so. Gee Thomas four pair at a time, you must leave us on the Trump Train a few pairs as we can only share the entire stock they produce in the States with one third of our voters at one pair per customer.

The election of Trump is not good for America. You should have endorsed Bernie Sanders if you really were focused on trade deals. I am a 68 year old white man from Maine and have always supported and used New Balance for 40 years. I do not want to wear shoes noted for being for white men particularly. You have done your company great harm. I was disappointed to read that New Balance was entering the political arena by its comments regarding Trump;also that a white supremacist group is telling people to buy your shoes in support of Trump.

Hard to be too supportive of a man who makes his products overseas and uses foreign steel to build his high rises.

I was disappointed to learn that New Balance supported Trump. I donated all my NB shoes to the shelter and will no longer be a customer. Attached is my review I am waiting for Yelp to post: The cleat is already tearing on the leather. Wow they gave me a Not happy with you New Balance. They are just now starting to really show wear: The arc support is most important to me! Dear New balance, I write this to you on my hands and knees begging you to continue to make minimal running shoes.

Since, my first new balance minimal running shoe they have been the only running shoe I have worn, despite having the ability to receive free nike shoes. I have purchased and worn 7 pairs of new balance minimal running shoes in the last 2 years alone.

My most recent pair of running shoe was the MR00 which you have since discontinued, and before that I wore the MX20 V3 which you made no longer a running shoe with the 4th version. The only available minimal shoe now is a trail running shoe. I beg of you to continue to make road minimal shoes so I can continue to buy New Balance shoes.

If not, unfortunately I will have to take my business to another company. I know many other people in the same boat as me and I hope you consider to continue making minimal running shoes in order to keep our business. I was going to try to contact a CEO about a problem I had gone through customer no-service with, and no resolution. But after reading all these posts it is apparent that the only option I have is to go to another brand. Tried to go american but now…New balance just sucks.. What a waste of time.

They are extremely comefortable and I do enjoy wearing them. However, almost immediately after beginning to wear them the rubber soles pulled away from the shoe. I have glued them several times but they keep popping off. I just thought you should know about the problem. I filed a complaint with new balance two years ago because of a pair of athletic shoes that led to a huge blister on my left foot which led to the amputation of two toes.

Their insurance company called Zurich North America, has done nothing but jerk me around for two years sending me from one claims adjuster to another and nothing has been accomplished. Just when they sound like they are ready to settle this matter, they ship me off to another claims adjuster and even lie to me stating that information they have requested to process my claim was never received. I remember other customers commenting on this shoe stating that it had flaws in it so anyone please comment on my comment here today and help me get justice for two missing toes and an insurance company that has zero compassion and zero ethics in handling my claim.

I also read that other people with claims from Zurich were having the same problems that I am having with Zurich so they are apparently trying to screw a lot of people over.

There is certainly an attorney who will take your case on a contingency basis to recover your medical cost plus damages. When I asked why, he informed me that my mind set was not positive enough for them to work.

I bought a pair of NB V. Within a few months, the shoes started to tear on each side, and the front toe area came apart. I brought them back to the Avon, Ct. Check around there are a lot of studies that show the damage these shoes cause your feet but I have yet to see one that shows how these shoes help your feet!

But im sure Mr ceo and the bored members and sleeping well and enjoying themselves lying around on the piles of money they exploited from hard working americans. And any seeing those results make sure to check that they are legit.

Your shoes ruined my feet! I have bin waiting for a reply from your canada office for some time now. I have burns and blisters on my feet! I am not able to work or do any other daily task!

Please reply before I explore more options. Brian, how would you like to have two missing toes and I still have been denied disability two years later… contact me asap so we can compare notes and stand strong together for justice and stamp out crooked, greedy and unethical business practices from insurance companies like Zurich North America who represent New Balance!!!

Why in the hell would you wear shoes that blistered your feet so badly that you had to lose 2 toes? If they hurt your feet when you wore them, then you should have tried this…. If you put your hand on a hot stove and it burnt you, would you leave it there until all your skin melted away? Sounds like a case of user error and possibly proof of natural selection. I do have a question though, how the hell do you wear shoes that mess your feet up so badly they make you lose two toes?

Paging Kevin Eslinger for you Darwin Award. New balance has joined other shoe companies in gluing cheap crap together instead of making a quality product. And we the consumers develope. Severe angonizingly painful foot problems. New balance now makes their shoes to be disposible. They wont last more than a month. And they will start falling apart after a day. They make these shoes so that rhey will fit in the store.

But after you wear them for a couple of hours they start to fall apart. This company and many others are switching from making a decent well made product to make it as cheap as possible so that we can make more money and more often. Seriously if you buy and wear these pruducts expect to have severe problems with your feet with a few years. These shoes made my minor foot problem into major foot problem s. So if you continue to buy these shoes, expect and have fun with all the pain that you experiance every time you walk.

These are greedy money hungary people that run this company and do not care About your well being or health. That is why stores that carry their products have a no return policy if you wear these shoes outside of their store.

So much for made with pride in america. They should a new slogan that says buy are crap because we tell you too and screw off because if you dont buy are products there are millions more morans we can steal money from.

There is no barrier between the undersole and the ball of the foot. NB sales rep said I was to blame because I kept them in a box for several months before I wore them. So here I am venting into thin air. Thats why stores wont take a , return. Its because you wore the shoes for more than an hour. And they fell apart. Belinda, I once described walking on their shoes as walking on a grate or manhole cover on a city sidewalk.

I have a pair of New Balance series all terrain womans size 12 shoes that have a tear in the mesh type material on both sides on the inside of each shoe at about the base of the big toe. It appears like the tear or break in the material is about where they bend as i step. Both myself and my father have worn New Balance exclusively for years and i am disappointed in this pair of shoes.

Is it possible to send the shoes to you for repair or to be replaced? I have a pair of NB running shoes that I bought in America 4 years ago before coming to Thailand. I have big and narrow feet with flat arches. I wear a size 13B, which is one reason I have been buying NB shoes for almost 30 years — the availability of narrow widths and good arch support. Also, I have had many pair of NB shoes, mostly the more expensive ones, and have never had a single stitch come out of one before I literally wore holes in the bottoms and had to throw them away.

I have recommended NB brand to many friends because they hold up so well and are by far the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I never buy other brands. I have rarely worn them because of the heat over here in Thailand. These shoes look brand new and show no wear on the soles. I got them out to put them on recently and noticed that the foam body around the heels is literally disintegrating.

It it turning into powder and has cracked all the way around the heels. The soles are pretty much completely detached from the body of the shoes on the back half of the shoes. These shoes have been stored in a moderate temperature in the box they came in. They have never been exposed to the sun or any chemical. What do I do now? There are dealers who sell the cheaper models of NB shoes here but they refuse to help me and do not carry these more expensive shoes.

They only carry the real cheap ones made in Asian factories. It is prohibitively expensive to ship them back to Massachusetts — half way around the world. I am very disappointed with this situation. I expected better from shoes made in the USA by my favorite shoe company. I recently contacted New Balance in regards to your running shoes.

I have worn these shoes for a year just two times a week. I use them to walk around in. They are in excellent condition except for the carbon fiber insert on the bottom which has become partially detached. I would think that the glue used to hold the foam and carbon fiber does not work with the two different composites.

I have been wearing New Balance for over thirty years, and have had New Balance series last five years with minimal usage such as now. I would like someone at Corporate Headquarters to agree to the shoes being sent to New Balance for inspection and see first hand the condition of the sole and the condition of the shoes.

I researched sneakers on the web , then went and purchased your brand of shoe because they were a quality shoe made in America. Guess how happy was when I got home and found that they were made in Indonesia. I spent the extra for your brand to get quality and to support my countries workers, not to get a piece of garbage one step above China.

If my plan was to buy shoes from another country I would have elected from Canada or Britain. I feel that your company is misrepresenting itself with advertising they are american made, not they american made also, when you can find them.

Tomorrow I now have to return the crap that I bought and find a real quality shoe, my hope is to find a New Balance made in America or a British sneaker, at least there is no misrepresentaton made by that company.

In closing maybeyou should sell the XXXXX brand of your shoe at Wal mart and Target and quality made at a shoe store charging top dollar. This is a positive for the customer on the go or the customer with limited time to voice concerns. When the call transferred to a live customer care agent, we were greeted with possibly the most pleasant person in the company.

We asked several questions relating to sizing. Without hesitation, the agent addressed and resolved our concerns. The overall experience was perfect. Can you say the same about your customer service call to New Balance? We would love for you to share your thoughts with us below. They have to be the worst shoes I have ever bought. I am complaining to you because for one thing…the tong on the left shoe, within 2 minutes of walking -comes out of the shoe and looks horrible…second…with my orthodics in — they appear to run over in the middle of the shoe—feels like there is no support…The sole is strait on both sides of the foot and seems to be staying stationary even tho the entire upper part of the shoe is running over to the outside.

They hurt my feet, my upper leg and my hip. I have been buying new balance for years I love the way they fill on my feet as I am on the go a lot. However the last 2 pair of shoes that I bought keep making a squeaking sound and I hated it so I had to buy a different kind. I do not usually have any problems with these so this was a real surprise. This time I got some thing different. I hope that theses do not make that noise because I will not buy them again. That would be a waste of money again and they are One year ago I bought a pair of new balance sneakers.

Within 6 months the black tip on the sole separated. I returned them to Kolhs for another pair. And finally, the inner soles in the sneakers had a horrible chemical odor that made me have to rip them out and replace them with store bought ones.

I have been a NB customer for an extended period of time but I recently purchased a pair of NB and within a months the soles came completely off the shoes. I went back to the store where I bought them and they informed me to contact you. The shoes were great for about a month and then they started to fall apart.

Maybe bad stiching or cheap material. I have been in New Balance running shoes most of my adult life I have tried most other reputable brands and New Balance always seem to be the most durable especially if you get premium or upper tier line , , etc.

In other words I feel you get what you pay for with New Balance. My recent experience However has me questioning if quality overall has gone down or if I just got back to back bad pairs. I usually buy two pairs at the end of the version and put a pair in the closet to get more value. The outer lining of the outer shell has developed a tear on both shoes on both outer sides where your toes and foot flex just from normal foot motion. Three pair, very comfortable for a wide foot.

Your construction methods are seriously lacking that of your competitors. I bought a pair of mw walking shoes and they are poorly made within days they develop a air pocket make a squishing sound when I walk emailed customer care, get same replie as I have in past few years, call them is no better get people who only know whats on there pre-approved non answer script and make excuses to do nothing might as well be talking to a wall expect better treatment.

I purchased sneakers and the right sneaker is rubbing my ankle constantly, I bought some insoles thinking it would help but the shoe is still hurting. Dear NB, I tried to buy a pair of your shoes at sears today and when I got there there was none.

I had looked on their website and it shows they have them. When I asked the shoe person why, they did not know, stating that New Balance was a good seller.

Seeing that I went all the way there to only buy the shoes I wanted to know whats going on so I went to talk to a manager or the Sears store in Orland Parl Il. When I asked to talk to the store manager I was told that that person was on vacation so a red haired lady came and said she was the manager I think her name was Melody.

I got the Sears website on my phone and showed her that the site said they had NB shoes and also had a link to nearest store, which means to me that they have them at stores not just on-line.

The manager said look where it says clearance by the different shoes. I said that does not mean all NB shoes just those styles on clearance. She replies thats what that means and we are ot responsible for the website. I saw that there was no customer service skill in this person and it was all about her being right and me being wrong.

I hope you will let Sears know about this person who obviously had no problem treating a Sears and New Balance customer like a moron. I am having trouble with the pair I have now and need to try on the shoes to see if they are going to be OK. I have been wearing NB since and the last two pairs especially this one is hurting my feet.

I usually have one spare pair ready to go when the ones I have give out. Now I am down to this pair and I dont know what to do. I recently bought Asics shoes. I walk a mile or 2 a day. I had a pair that lasted 6 months and I took them back to Academy. They swapped a pair that lasted 6 months. Made in America meant something to me quality.

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