Prince's Fatigues

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minuteman outfit as well army fatigues as well military fatigues as well. piper's outfit works but it wont be able to stack w/ armor. ony thing that changes between top 3 i listed are the SPECIAL stats u get.
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Military Uniform Supply specializes in U.S. Military uniforms and military clothing at competitive prices. As one of the leading and most comprehensive online military supply stores, Military Uniform Supply offers a complete selection of army and military-issue items for sale.
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For game-specific information and stats, see the articles linked on the right. Fatigues Army fatigues Military fatigues.

Military fatigues Officer fatigues Commander fatigues Soldier uniform. Section needed This section is needed but has not been written yet. There are many variations on this uniform in circulation. Different branches of the military typically have unique patterns, and as a result the fatigues of a Naval officer will likely look different from those of an Army field combat soldier or an Air Force pilot. Specific patterns are also subject to change over time. They almost always take on a camouflage look with neutral colors, but some are designed with broad swaths of color splashes while others have a more digitized, pixilated look.

These are not usually endorsed by or affiliated with the armed forces. He ordered, among other things, soldiers to wear their neckties at all times. The order caused much grumbling, was impossible to enforce in combat as seen in every period photograph and was eventually scrapped. HBT Herringbone Twill fatigue uniforms were worn in combat in warmer weather for the entire war in every theater.

US Marines continued to wear camouflage helmet covers. My step-father used to work at the Coast Guard headquarters, and BDU's were his required dress, except for special occasions. He said it was basically like wearing pajamas to work every single day! However, now that's he's in the civilian world, he sometimes has trouble picking out clothes to work. Because for over 20 years, he didn't have to worry about it! I saw a chart once that showed the evolution of women's uniforms in the navy, and it was very interesting.

The first uniforms didn't look very comfortable or very practical! Anyway, I think wearing military camo makes a lot of sense if you are actually in the military. However, I have never understood the camouflage look in civilian fashions. It makes absolutely no sense. What are you camouflaging yourself from, walking around a city in camo pants? Plus, I find the trend kind of disrespectful to the military! KaBoom Post 2 I thought that military camouflage had been used as long as the United States military has been around!

I'm completely amazed that some soldiers went into battle during the World War II in a jacket and tie. That sounds completely ridiculous and impractical to me. I have a few family members that have been in the military, and to me it sounds like the military usually does what's going to be the most practical thing. So I am not surprised that they got rid of the jacket and tie uniform and went with something lighter and less visible.

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Soldier Fatigues, Caps, & Boots

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