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A versatile suit is worth investing in. Fabric and cut are key for the perfect fit. Break the trousers and jacket up and it becomes even more versatile.
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Sportswear as a fashion trend has been evolving for the past few years. For spring it continues on the direction of sleek, minimal and luxurious, making itself ripe for new interpretations that blur the boundaries between daywear and activewear.
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While s Paris designers offered haute couture designs that could be considered sportswear, it was typically not their design focus. As more generic, versatile sportswear became more prominent in the Paris collections, the press increasingly promoted the wearing of such garments in an everyday context.

Despite the acceptance of fashionable sportswear as a form of casual dressing in French fashion in the s, the American garment industry went on to become the most prominent producers of such clothing. Where Paris fashion was traditionally imposed onto the customer regardless of her wishes, American sportswear was democratic, widely available, and encouraged self-expression.

A common argument was that female designers projected their personal values into this new style. In the s and '40s, it was rare for clothing to be justified through its practicality. It was traditionally thought that Paris fashion exemplified beauty, and therefore, sportswear required different criteria for assessment.

The stock, however, ended up selling swiftly to adult women as well as to the students. Among the key designs produced by this new generation of American designers were capsule wardrobes such as McCardell's group of five wool jersey pieces from , comprising two tops, long and short skirts, and a pair of culottes; and Maxwell's "weekend wardrobe" of five tweed and flannel garments.

Both were designed to accommodate formal and informal occasions depending on how they were assembled and accessorised. Rebecca Arnold and Emily S. Rosenberg have noted how the American look, demonstrated through healthy teeth and the use of affordable, good-quality fashionable clothing to present a neat and practical appearance, despite claims of egalitarianism , was ultimately held up against white standards of beauty.

After the Second World War, the emergence in Paris of the luxurious "New Look" popularised by Christian Dior , with its emphasis on accessorising and femininity, was in direct contrast to the relaxed, easy-wear American look. In the s and s, designers continued to develop the theme of affordable, practical and innovative sportswear, producing clothing that focused on wearability rather than fashion fads, including Anne Fogarty 's coat-and-dress sets and dresses made with removable waistcoats to alter their look.

Along with many other designers, Gernreich took advantage of the development in the mids of upgraded machine-knitting techniques to produce his work. Towards the end of the s, many sportswear designers such as Anne Klein and Halston began to enter business independently, rather than relying on the backing of their manufacturers, or working in association with firms and companies.

In a essay titled "Recession Dressing," the writer Kennedy Fraser noted how Halston's work, particularly his success with making basic garments in luxurious fabrics, was that of an "anti-designer" who liberated American women of fashion from needlessly elaborate, conventional high fashion from high-end establishment American designers.

She also singled out Clovis Ruffin and Stephen Burrows. During the s, Lauren, Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis became particularly known for their sportswear designs, made in all-natural fibres such as wool, combed cotton, and linen, which placed them at the top tier of American fashion design alongside the Anne Klein label designed by Donna Karan and Louis Dell'Olio. In the s Geoffrey Beene , one of the first significant male sportswear designers, incorporated relaxed layering and elements of menswear into his women's clothing - details that continue to widely influence early 21st century industry designers.

Designers who do not typically work in the sportswear tradition such as Monique Lhuillier sometimes incorporate elements of sportswear and activewear into their work. Lhuillier, mainly known for formal gowns, introduced sporty necklines and aerodynamic elements into her collection for New York Fashion Week , Fall In Tim Gunn noted that the boundaries between activewear and fashion sportswear had become increasingly blurred since the s, with many people choosing to wear hoodies , tracksuits , yoga pants , and other garments explicitly associated with athletic wear as everyday dress.

Hoodies and tracksuits became popular items of hip-hop fashion from the s to the s. In the late s and s non-American designers began to pay attention to sportswear, and attempted to produce collections following its principle. French couturiers including Dior and Fath simplified their designs for ready-to-wear production, but at first only the Italian designers understood the sportswear principle.

John Fairchild , the outspoken publisher of Women's Wear Daily opined that Krizia , Missoni , and other Italian designers were "the first to make refined sportswear. Before co-founding the business that later became Missoni with his bride Rosita in , Ottavio Missoni , himself an athlete, and his teammate Giorgio Oberweger had an activewear business in Trieste making wool tracksuits christened Venjulia suits. The quality of Italian sportswear was recognized early on by Robert Goldworm, an American sportswear designer who in joined his New York-based family company Goldworm.

In the 21st century, Italian fashion remains a leading source for sportswear design outside the United States. Narciso Rodriguez , who is known for streamlined and pared down clothing, launched in Milan in , but moved to New York in Successful British sportswear designers include Stella McCartney , known for her jumpsuits and easy-to-wear separates.

McCartney was asked to design the athletic uniforms for the Summer Olympics , bringing fashionable sportswear design to the world of high-profile activewear.

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The early sportswear designers proved that the creation of original ready-to-wear fashion could be a legitimate design art which responded stylishly to utilitarian requirements. Many of the first sportswear designers were women, including McCardell, Potter, Elizabeth . A versatile suit is worth investing in. Fabric and cut are key for the perfect fit. Break the trousers and jacket up and it becomes even more versatile. Ad Choices CN Fashion & Beauty Vogue may earn compensation on sales through affiliate programs.